Tera Mera Pyar | Episode 5

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Plot Summary & Review

Kerim has taken ayse’s resignation to heart. Poor chap believes that she left the non because of him. He vents out his anger by duelling with Volkan.

Ayse and Malahat are desperately waiting for Berk’s call. Nazmiye is lurking around. The phone does ring but it is Kerim who wants her to come back to job.

She hangs up. So, he comes home to talk. The man is persistent. With several people watching, the conversation is awkward. Nazmiya isn’t evil. She distracts Riza and stops him from coming home. Imagine how

Kerim is also kind. He takes kids for a ride in his expensive car. Awnnn!

Devastated Berk calls Gonca to share his frustration. She calls him home. I have a feeling how that’s gonna end. She’ll try to seduce him, is my guess.

She pits him against Ayse and convinces him that he’s too young to marry.

Sabri and family arrive to meet Ozkaylis. Malahat mistakes Kadir as another Kadir from a drama who has married twice. Funny that!

Ayse is still not ready to face Sabri. To top it, Berk sends a message that he cannot marry her. Malahat reasons that Ayse should marry Sabri instead.

Ayse meets the prospect in-laws and runs away.

OMG! What fun! Cannot wait for the next episode.

Shabana Mukhtar