TV Series Review: Episode 49 – Kara Para Ask – Season 2 (Turkish)


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Elif gets operated. Elif was pregnant and loses the baby. Hande (the evil cellmate) is beaten by other cellmates for stabbing Elif.

Tayyar had a heart attack and Hussein didn’t shoot him. Tayyar survives, of course.

Melike delivers the bag but Mumtaz claims that it was empty. Melike is being harassed now and is asked to handover burhan to Mumtaz.

Guess why? Cuz Mumtaz works for Fatih and Fatih needs Burhan so Hussein will help him. Fatih is the most twisted and sweet person.

Elif finds out about her terminated pregnancy and has more reasons to cry.

Omer is digging the bones of Hussein demir to take a few bones and is attacked. The man has no brains, goes everywhere alone so he can easily be taken.

Hah? Who attacked him?

Stay tuned for the review next episode.

Happy watching!

Shabana Mukhtar

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