TV Series Review: Episode 50 – Kara Para Ask – Season 2 (Turkish)


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Omer is attacked while digging the grave of Hussein. The attacker is Fatih. He injects something in Omer and holds him hostage.

More drama and crying for Elif’s pregnancy.

Tayyar finds out about Mumtaz and kills him. He always finds out about truth and always kills people. It is getting tiring.

It is now known that Tayyar and Fatih are up against each other.

Omer frees himself and Fatih is taken into custody. I don’tunderstand why the two of them can’t work together. Omer and Fatih I mean.

Asli sees Nedret with Tayyar.

Omer tells Melike that Hussein is alive.

Hussein goes to kill Tayyar and the place is bombed. Omer and team reaches a minute later.Is Hussein dead? We don’t know. My guess is – no.

Arda attacks Fatih during interrogation and Tolga stops him. Later Omer attacks Fatih and Arda stops him. Please, I’m so tired of the scene.

Omer has always been hurt and adamant to join on the new adventure while others insist him to get rest and get treated. Tired of that too.

Mert is graduating. Omer expects Tayyar to attend and he does. Hussein comes too. Long story short, Omer reaches court just in time to save Elif. Hussein by his side.

Stay tuned for the review next episode.

Happy watching!

Shabana Mukhtar