TV Series Review: Episode 51 – Kara Para Ask – Season 2 (Turkish)


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Elif is acquitted. Hussein is captured. Tayyar didn’t die. How could he? The man always survives.

Asli and Ipek are after Nedret.

Everybody is now worried about the proofs that Hussein had against Tayyar.

Fatih instructs Necdet to hide the documents. Tayyar is listening to this conversation. He always listens. He always knows. He always survives.

He also kidnapped Nilufer and locks in a house with clues to free herself. obviously, he doesn’t mean to free her. Fatih comes to know about this as well and is severely troubled.

Malik and Fatma are questioned at the police office then Omer’s mother throws her out of her house. Bravo.

Elif goes to see Tayyarand offers herself in place of her sister. Isn’t that a genius plan? I am a stupid plan. Of course, Tayyar lockes her up with Nilufer. Tayyar has set a cringe worthy maze.

Nedret is like him too, always a step ahead. She traps Ipek. Ipek is fatally wounded.

Something happens and then Tayyar is arrested; Elif is rescued; Nilufer is taken away; and Ipek is probably dead. OMG!

Stay tuned for the review next episode.

Happy watching!

Shabana Mukhtar

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