TV Series Review: Episode 53 – Kara Para Ask – Season 2 (Turkish)


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Nedret is arrested. Fatih accidentally kills in jail. Elif is interrogating her aunt, and not any other police officer – because that is totally plausible right? Kidding.

Nedret falls to the ground just before giving her testimony to the prosecutor and the judge. Typical – Omer will never ever get a proof against Tayyar.

What does Omer do? Go rogue. He plans to take matters in his hands and kill Tayyar – the monster. Tayyar and Omer exchange a series of bickering against each other. The lawyer, under pressure from Arda, tells Tayyar that things are going bad. Knowing Tayyar, who always knows everything; always hears everything; and is always ahead of everybody else; this should not have affected him, right?

The nurse knows what Nedret is dead and informs Tayyar. Tayyar knows everybody and everybody works for Tayyar. Omer hands a belt to Tayyar to hang himself. Tayyar obeys. Just like that.

Omer’s fingerprints are on the belt. NO enquiry is done into his death. Is there no other policeman to investigate this? Big plothole.

Elif is asking Omer to quit his job. Omer on the other hand, finds his father’s killer. His father’s assistant killed Burhan as Burhan didn’t want to get into illegal business.

Arda and Pelin get married.

Elif is bejng crazy. She is pestering Omer to quit his job. Why, why, why?

Stay tuned for the review next episode. It is the last episode. My feelings are not different from Fatih.

Happy watching!

Shabana Mukhtar

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