Kara Para Ask | Season 2 | Episode 54


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Fatih is planning to escape from prison. Hussein does not agree.

Suddenly a Rifki man is after Omer and Fatih. He is supposed avenging the death of Tayyar. He asks a man to kill Omer while he received award for his terrific job catching Tayyar.

Fatih and Hussein learn about it and Hussein agrees to escape.

Hussein saves his brother life and takes the bullet to his neck.

Rifki’s man finds out about Fatih’s whereabouts.

Mert and Demet get engaged. A cute curiosity among the brothers.

Omer quits. Can you believe it?

Hussein is paralysed and shifted to his home.

Then some more random things and they get married. Fatih is caught again and is released by Arda.

Omer finds about Elif’s address and goes to woo her for the millionth time. Yawn.

Elif realizes that she wants Omer to fight crime and that she likes danger.
The end.


In the last few episodes things seemed rushed and random.

  1. Omer says he will kidnap Tayyar, but doesn’t.
  2. How does Tayyar end up in a trap that Omer set? And when did he set the trap?
  3. Tayyar kills himself when Omer asks him too. Really?
  4. Fatih and Hussein walk out of prison like a stroll in the park. Does not seem logical.
  5. Who is this Rifki man?
  6. Rifki man constantly watching Fatih but never once attacked. Also, Rifki is captured when Hussein takes the bullet. Who is the Rifki’s man talking to?

It is over. I have done the unbelievable. I survived through the whole series. I watched all 54 episodes, each 120-130 minutes long. I reviewed it, too.

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Shabana Mukhtar