TV Series Review: Part 1 – Kara Para Ask – Season 2 (Turkish)


My sister was watching this series Kara Para Ask on YouTube and recommended it to me.

Turkish dramas are long, like really long. The first Turkish series I watched was Fatima Gul. I didn’t finish it, because it just wasn’t ending.

The first season got me hooked (read the review here) and I couldn’t focus on anything unless I had finished watching the series.


This review is from episodes 14-36.

What started with a promising and engaging story about Money Laundering and other dark areas of human psychology, soon started to feel looooooooooong, and sloooooooooow and repetitive.

The show is still engaging when it comes to the Omer and his teams to uncover the truth behind double murders and the series of murders that follow. The love angle between Omer and Elif is overdone. I mean in one scene, he is seen questioning the suspect angrily and aggressively. The next moment, he appears at Elif’s doorstep to woo her – not that she needs any further wooing.

Characters are killed one after the other and new characters are introduced. Now I have finished 36 episodes – each episode is 2 hour-long, mind you and I just lack the drive to watch it further.

Perhaps, in 2019, when I am done writing everything that I have started; I will resume watching it.

Happy watching!

Shabana Mukhtar

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