Amazon Prime Video Binge | Day 4 | Sketchy Behaviour | Kannan Gil and Kenneth Sebastian

I am off to review the fourth comedy show on Amazon Prime Video – Sketchy Behaviour by Kannan Gil and Kenneth Sebastian.

One of the reasons I am watching is Neville’s direction. I know crazy fan!

and, Kenny is so cute. Like a little kid.

1. Fresh Lime Soda

I have seen the fresh lime soda at least a hundred times, and I had considered watching all the sketches on Amazon Prime Video. But then my unwillingness to take the subscription came in the way.

The jokes repeat over and over again, with slight variations and some advancements. I don’t know the comedy terms but this technique is to elaborate on the same joke is sharp and brilliant.

Or is it what they mean by “sketch”. Ok, Google! Tell me what “sketch” means. Nope, sketch means something else. I don’t understand the meaning entirely, but whatever…

2. Lift Chahiye, lift?

It was not as funny and super predictable. Although I do like Kenny’s performance of a mama’s boy.

3. I am breaking up with you

These aren’t the real titles. I am naming them as I take notes.

Doesn’t Kenny look pretty in that blue and yellow salwar kameez? 

This set is so effing intelligent. 

4. I am a lonely chair

This one had some good bits but it was mostly dull.

5. Exorcism

I liked this one. Wait, I have mixed feelings about it. I like the writing and the performance. I don’t like the sudden scary music that comes up. Oh, and I think it is Neville’s voice as the introduction to this bit.

6. The psychiatrist 

This bit is so well written. Breaking the fourth wall, not breaking the character and just… Kannan and Kenny shine yet again. 

This one is about possessing, and spirits and shit I don’t believe in. Kenny is brilliant as he changes his demeanour suddenly.

I wish I could also see Neville in some scene. Whatever, behind the scene or something…  

I had decided to watch something else  apart from comedy. But… Hey, let this month be about comedy.

On to the next item. Any recos?

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Shabana Mukhtar