Bulbul | A Short Film


Bulbul is a short film about unrequited love.

Director Of Photography – Sameer Arya
Story & Screenplay – Lt. Kundan Shah & Ashish Panda
Editor – Bunty Nagi
Background Music Director – Raju Singh
Music – Meet Bros
Lyrics – Kumaar
Production design – Mrinal Das & Alok Halder


Divya Khosla Kumar
Shiv Pandit
Elli AvrRam
Anang Desai
Yogesh Tripathi
Kanika Dang
Palash Dutta
Pranav Verma
Ashok Pathak
Vandana Vithlani
Akshay Bhagat
N. Sharma


Divya Khosla Kumar plays Bulbul a girl obsessed with Shiv Kumar (whatever his name was). He he is in love with Sweety, played by Eli Avram.

Bulbul tries stupidly to change his heart. From pretending to be pregnant to breaking into his house, she does not leave any stone unturned. Finally, though, she realizes that true love cannot be ‘achieved’.

Bulbul tells the story through powerful emotions, funny scenes, songs and dance. There are very few dialogues. Actions and reactions propel the story forward. And, there is no point where you don’t follow the story.

It reminded me of Pushpak. Similar to the aforementioned movie, this short film is a combination of comedy, emotions, slight bitterness and eventual realization.

Divya Khosla Kumar looks pretty and raw. She acts quite well and is able to communicate her true feelings through her eyes.

Overall, a nice and memorable watch.

Until next review, remember me in your prayers.

Shabana Mukhtar