Asad Siddiqui: Namkeen Ladka

Note: This is by no means a biography or wiki entry. This is the actor profile as I know them.

Asad is one of those people who light up the screen whenever they are on screen. He is witty and does not hesitate to speak his mind. His distinct voice and his infectious smile makes him a sweetheart.


Pakistani Actor


He’s married to Zara Noor Abbas. Adnan Siddiqui, George Clooney of Pakistan, is his maternal uncle.

Notable Work

Below is the chronology of Asad’s work – the order in which I’ve seen him.

Waqar aka Vikki in Baraat series

He is chubby and almost inrecognizable in this entire series. This shows that he was not as good an actor when he bagan.

Nadir in Main Thha Marjaniyan

He has lost weight by now and his charming smile and great comic timing makes up for good laugh and entertainment. His portrayal of Nadir is nice.

Bakhtiyar in Shadi Mubarak Ho

This is one of his best performances ever. As the house maid, he is very sar-chaddha and does not hesitate to intrude discussions when he pleases. He also blackmails Nayal time and again. And, Durdana phupho is his all-time rival.

Even when he meets his rather rich dad, his style does not change. This isn’t just his best performance, but also the best perfromance of the drama.

Bala in Khala Pangan Ka Sangam

His role is small but impactful.

Shahmeer in Bakra in law

This telefilm was primiarily about Tipu (Gauhar Rasheed) and Najo (Mira Sethi), but Asad as the lawyer played an important role

Ayaz in Dilruba

Asad was one of the many boys that Sanam, the Dilruba of the drama dated.

Nadeem in Zebaish

Argh, what a drama it was! I stopped watching it after 12 episodes. It was unbearable. Asad played Nadeem, Shahana’s son. And he took his life at the end, can you believe that?

Fawad in Amanat

He played a small role as Maher’s husband who gets shot after a couple of days.

I liked him the best in Baraat series. Which one of these are your favourites? Comment below. Let’s discuss Asad Siddiqui.

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