Haqeeqat | Episode 2 | Mujrim Kaun


Being beautiful has been a virtue in cultured and civilized societies. But the same thing in ugly and stinking societies becomes the trial of your fate. In our society, a woman faces miserable experiments as mother, sister, daughter, wife, servant or working woman if she has a beautiful face and these horrifying stories never comes out because the victim herself and her family wants to keep it a hush.

Haqeeqat a series of disjoint stories to highlighted the good, the bad, and the ugly of a woman. Sometimes, she is the victim. Other times, she is just pure evil. 

Haqeeqat | Episode 1 | Daghabaaz

This series is quite similar to Chhoti Chhoti Batein by Hum TV. That series had stories more detailed and not as intense.

Director : Ashar Asghar

Producer : Habib Jan

Writer : Sajjad Haider Zaidi

Channel: Aplus Dramas 

Cast & Characters

Ali Abbas as Adeel

A taxi driver. He is happy with his life, except his mother’s constant nagging to have more kids. Because this world needs more nuisance. Argh!

Saboor Ali

Adeel’s wife


Adeel’s  mother

Srha Asghar as Nisha

A spoilt brat named Nisha. She smokes, parties and lies to her mother in general. 

Shagufta Kamal

Nisha’s mother

Plot Summary

The story begins as the (un)happy family is eating breakfast.

Adeel has a three year old boy and his mother wants more grandchildren.

He is a driver for spoilt brat named Nisha. She smokes, parties and lies to her mother in general. 

Nisha gets pregnant and her mother finds out. Nisha blames it on Adeel, because it is always easy to blame a poor man.

Adeel is beaten and bruised but does not admit doing anything. The police officer is practical for a change and does not side with the rich woman Shagufta Kamal. But, Adeel is proved innocent when the medical report proves that he isn’t capable of becoming a father. How does he have a son then? 

And, then we see the other evil present in our society – our obsession with Peer Faqeer.


This story focuses on the general expectation that women are only expected to produce babies. And the obsession with Peer & Faqeer.

Spoiler alert: If you have not yet figured out the end, Arslan is not Adeel’s son. She was raped by the naqli peer.

My point is, this storyline is done to death -Peers raping women. Don’t we have more creative ideas?

However, it also makes me think. Is it still being made because it is still a fact? When will we learn our lessons? When will we stop seeking anything from anybody except Allah?

I also felt like there were too many product placements. First, the ear phones. Every scene that Nisha appears in, she is either wearing the earphones or taking ’em out.  She is pretty, but has a lot to learn in terms of acting. At least she should have been given more to work with. I guess director’s cue for her was “play with the earphones”.

Then, there were  chocolates, contraceptive pills and pregnancy test etc. I am not sure if it was just an innocent and genuine part of storytelling or just stuffed in.

This story reminded me of one novel by Rifat Siraj. I don’t remember the novel’s title because I didn’t finish reading it but there was a similar case where a rich girl meets a horrible fate because of her lifestyle.


This one had a better cast and quite nice performances as compared to other stories in the series. Reviews will be posted soon.

I have not watched much of Saboor Ali but she has a good control over her expressions and I like her.

Ali Abbas is becoming better by the day. Are you watching Kahin Deep Jaley? His portrayal of Faham is really good. Like father, like son. Waseem Abbas is also terrific, isn’t he?

Until next time, allah hafiz.

Shabana Mukhtar