Kahin Deep Jaley | Episode 15


Zeeshan isn’t well and Rida calls Faham to take Zeeshan to hospital. Behind him, Shameela misbehaves with Khadija and Asim.

When Faham comes back, Shameela tells him a twisted version of the truth, blaming all on Asim.

She doesn’t stop there. She calls Zeeshan to add more to Zeeshan’s dilemma.

The family is coming apart. Asim knows the true face of Shameela but Hatim doesn’t. One small incident blows out of proportion and Hatim ends up slapping Asim as Shameela enjoys the show. Seriously, what does she get from this?

This drama suffocates me, like literally. I was fine this morning, even though I had not slept much. Now, I cannot breathe. I apologize, but I cannot watch it anymore.

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