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Fraud Episode 22 Written Update and Review

Okay, so it’s time to review Fraud’s episode 22.


Shaan wants to investigate more about Shujaat, and this doesn’t go well with Shujaat. Of course, he is worried that his lies will come out in the open.


Talal loses the battle of life. Seriously? Why can’t we have one happy track? Must both sisters suffer? Aisi bhi kya sadu story? Thoda happy hone dete.

And then Talal’s mother rudely asks Mayla to leave. She has only good intentions at heart.

Naya sabaq likhne ke liye kora panna chhahiye hota hai.

Talal’s mother wants Mayla to move onz, remarry and have a life. I like her thinking but it still doesn’t change the fact that Mayla is sulking and brokenhearted.

Oh, and Nisar forgives Shaziya and Nayal both.

As for the other track, Shujaat and Tooba are getting married soon.


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Shabana Mukhtar