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Fraud Episode 23 Written Update and Review

So, Shujaat and Tooba are now married. Maya sees her dadi’s kangan in Tooba’s hands. She is inquisitive and asks some questions which irks Tooba. Shujaat and Maya almost run into each other, again. I wonder how long this charade will continue.

Shujaat hasn’t told Tooba about his parents. This upsets his parents. To Shujaat, however, everything is just part of a big game.

See how his friend reacts to Shujaat.

I have the same reaction to this episode. Ek toh Shujaat aur ek Mayla… She is still blaming herself for Talal’s death and it’s getting old and annoying now. Talal had to die. Aisa bhi kya rona dalna. Uff…


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Shabana Mukhtar