Alif | Episode 18 | All About Past

Husn-e-Jahan wants to sell off her paintings to make some money so she would be able to afford what Qalb-e-Momin wants – good food, toys, clothes…

Sultan struggles to sell the paintings, and finally only gets 2000 rupees for it. Realizing that a mother is desperate to find a better life for her son, he sells the house and also asks Suraiyya for help. Suraiyya gives him everything she has, every little piece of jewellery.

Taha is upset with Husn-e-Jahan’s decision. They get into an ugly fight and blame each other for ruining their lives. Taha blames her for ruining his spirituality and Husn-e-Jahan blames him for turning her into a nobody.

A nice conversation with touch of spirituality and subtle messages that teach us about ishq e haqeeqi and ishq e majazi.

She asks Taha to move out and get whatever he has lost because of her.

Sultan meets her again, learns about her fight with Taha and he offers her to come back to Pakistan.

After getting an earful from her mother Mumtaz (played by lovely Nida Mumtaz), Husn-e-Jahan tries to resurrect her career. Failing which she begins dancing in private parties.

This entire episode was about past, except for the last scene that shows Momina weep for Husn-e-Jahan and her tragic life and death.

The promo of next episode shows some light moments between Momin and Momina. Can’t wait for that.

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