Daasi | Episode 12 | Drowning Yourself In Work Is The Way To Be Sane

Let’s review the 12th episode of Daasi. 

Before you proceed, please read my review of previous episodes. Because, how else would you know the characters? Let’s know them, their backstories and how they are related.

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Sunehri’s Track

The episode begins as Sunehri gets a call from the police that they have arrested Aahil. So, what does she do? She throws his stuff around. She goes to talk to Aliya to prove that she’s done her job as a friend.

Sunehri’s mother wants to take Aliya home but she says that she doesn’t want to live with hypocrites. What is her problem? What did Sunehri do? It was your illusion that Aahil loved you. And, now you’re blaming everything on Sunehri? Not cool! 

Similarly, Sunehri says she has seen Aahil pushing Mujtaba. What? When? Where?

I love Sunehri’s mother’s opinions 

  1. Sunehri shouldn’t get involved into this.
  2. Aahil is a rich man.
  3. Why should Sunehri toruble herself for a girl (Aliya) who blames everything on her?

Listen to her Sunehri. She’s being reasonable. 

Sunehri confesses to stealing the bangles.

Aliya comes to godown and is surprised to see Aadil. She doubts his intentions, too. Girl, get a grip. If someone’s being nice, don’t push it.

She asks Aadil to take over things, for they both want the business to sustain.

Aahil’s Track

The police officers also feel that he is innocent. The investigation begins and they call Rubab to the police station. How did they find out about his family? He wasn’t talking about his family, right? I know. Police has resources, but it would have been interesting to see it. It was a bit too convenient. Don’t you think?

Rubab and her laywer bail out Aahil. What’s with the slow-mo? Why is Aahil limping?

Aahil is losing his mind over Sunehri. Finally, once he gets a grip of things, he offers to help in business. 

Tauqeer and Rubab meet for dinner, as Rubab wants to discuss things with him. Tauqeer flirts with her and tells her that he hasn’t married, just for Rubab.

How does Rubab reply? “You are just a friend. Ab karlo shaadi.”

Why should Tauqeer be upset that Aahil is joining the business? It is HIS business, after all. 


The best scene of the episode, in fact of all the episodes, is Rubab versus Suenrhi’s mother duel. They both throw a volley of savage comments.

Sunehri’s mother: Umeed hai aap se dobara mulaqat nahin hogi.

Rubab’s mother: Insha’allah

Both heroines seem to be mourning, for Mujtaba as well as Aahil.

Aliya, I mean, Faryal outshines her previous performance, yet again. I loved her performance, but after watching her interview with Sameena Peerzada, I have more admiration for her.

Hina Khwaja Bayat’s expression upon seeing Aahil in the police station was also superb.


Aadil and Aliya gets busy in keeping Mujtaba’s business alive and Aahil is also taking interesting in his business. Chalo, kaam karo bhai. Work and distraction is the only way to be sane, especially when you’ve shit going on around you.

Overall a very happening and fast-paced episode. I am looking forward to the next episode.

Until next review, remember in your prayers.

Shabana Mukhtar

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