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Lately, I have started to observe a pattern in search terms that people enter on my website.
These are some of the questions I get on my blog. I thought it would be interesting to answer them once or twice a month.


Novel Ending, Summary, Spoilers

Obviously! The most anticipated drama has caused quite a stir in Pakistani dramas watching community across the globe. You can read the Alif novel summary and full review here.It doesn’t have a promised happily ever after ending, if that’s what you’re wondering. But, it does have a promise and hope of happily ever after.
However, the drama is going into slightly more details. I wouldn’t be surprised if the end is changed altogether, to make viewers happy.

Shakoor in Alif drama

Umer Darr plays Shakoor, Qalb-e-Momin’s trusted house help.

Grandfather in Alif drama

Manzar Sahbai

Manzar Sahbai as Abdul Alaa, Qalb-e-Momin's grandfather


Sharique’s sister, Sharique Habib’s sister

Naeema Butt plays Ghazala, Sharique’s sister, a nurse. She’s married to Dr Ilyas.


Masooma’s real life name / Shahryar’s Cousin Name

Momina Iqbal is the actress who plays Masooma – Shahryar’s cousin.


In drama ehd e wafa ahad raza mir sister name / Saad’s sister

Komal Sajid plays Rameen, Saad’s sister
Komal Sajid as Saad's sister Rameen
Komal Sajid as Saad’s sister Rameen

Kara Para Ask

Who killed Sibel?

Hüseyin Demir. Yep, he killed Sibel and Ahmet.

Connection between Sibel and Ahmet

They both worked for Tayyar Dundar, in his money laundering business.

Suno Chanda

Backstory of Agha jaan and Bi jaan Suno Chanda

Agha Jaan and Bi Jaan once loved each other. But, when Bi Jaan’s father wanted to marry her off to a random person for reasons I don’t recall, Agha Jaan protested. To ensure that his intentions are not misconstrued, he offered his brother’s name to marry Mumtaz.That’s why Mumtaz and Shahjahan could not marry. Mumtaz aka Bi Jaan is still upset about it.

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