Deewar-e-Shab | Episode 37

First of, I cannot help but notice that Salaar’s dressing has changed from kurta jeans to suits.

Salaar and Gaiti are invited for dinner at Yousuf Kamal’s house. And Salaar casually slips in that Sitara Jahan is Gaiti Aara’s grandmother.

And, then he finds other facts about Khayyam.

Yousuf meets Sitara Jahan. The meeting is depressing, as one would expect. Nageena is all bitter but before kicking him out Sitara Jahan gives him a photo.

Khayyam is upset and Rabia still flirts with him.

Salman is stealing from Zoobiya’s jewellery and is caught red-handed. Zoobiya kicks him out of her house. He comes back home where Gul is planning Joya’s marriage with Sharafat Ali.

Has he changed? No.

He asks Gul to leave.

Does she leave? No.

Khayyam and Rehan talk to inspector Mansoor, who is looking after the drugs case. While talking, he also shows them Chanda’s photo, who’s dead now.

Khayyam tells Mansoor about Chanda’s background. Nabeel has another shit coming towards her.

But before that, he will torture Gaiti Aara. I have a question: when Salaar knows about Nabeel’s nature, why does he leave Gaiti Aara when Nabeel is around? Bewaqoof aadmi?

Mansoor visits Salaar to talk about Chanda’s abduction. Zartaj and Nabeel react weirdly and it doesn’t go unnoticed by Mansoor.

I must note here that these tracks are slightly changed but it will certainly end the way it did in the novel. If you’re curious, go ahead and read the review here.

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Shabana Mukhtar