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A little recap of episode 14

Zooni is trying to forcefully end Meher’s pregnancy. Yikes.

Amanat Episode 15 written update and review

Junaid knows just how far Zooni can go to avenge Zarar and Meher. He is concerned about Meher. That one question, and Zooni is back to being Zooni. Didn’t she become Meher’s BFF in the previous episode?

Meher and Zarar don’t attend the dinner party. Zooni fusses over that as well. Now, Zooni wants to end this all – make Zarar suffer for what has happened.
Oh, god!
Bus phir, Zarar gets the termination letter. Zooni’s father Abid has struck a deal with Mr Farooq, Zarar’s boss.
Why doesn’t Zarar tell Meher? Even though Zarar asks Meher to be nice to Firdaus. Does he not know that Firdaus is impossible to please?
Junaid runs into an old friend Laiba at work. She seems like a friendly person. Would she be the reason Junaid leaves Zooni? We don’t know.
Malik Sahib is worried for Qaisar now. He has lost his senses again, no thanks to that run-in at the mall with Meher. Malik Furqan is running thin on patience these days. The way he glares at Qaisar is so fearsome… Kaisa Abba hai? He can’t look after his own son.
Despite everything that happens, Samra keeps bickering about Zooni. And Salma keeps insulting Samra.

What to expect from episode 16?

Zooni is plotting something huge, something evil this time. This might just be the turning point for both couples.
I will see you in the next post.
Shabana Mukhtar