Drama Review | Dil Awaiz | Episode 37

Dil Awaiz

This is a story of a young girl named Dil Awaiz who despite living in her father’s house is treated as an orphan and is deprived of love and care. Dil Awaiz’s father, Shahab Uddin is an influential and wealthy businessman who keeps his distance from his firstborn, Dil Awaiz due to her mother’s past. Things take an unexpected turn when a handsome, young man Sikandar enters Dil Awaiz’s life and once again she is expected to compromise and sacrifice herself in order to save her family’s honour and respect. Despite living like an outsider all her life will Dil Awaiz be able to make yet another sacrifice? Even after all the atrocities, will Dil Awaiz be able to gain due respect in the house?


Writer: Madiha Shahid

Director: Mazhar Moin

Produced By: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi

Production House: 7th Sky Entertainment

[Source: GEO’s Youtube Channel]


Dil Awaiz Episode 37 Written Update & Review  

Dil Awaiz and Sikandar’s continued tiff

Dil Awaiz bring tea for Sikandar. Since, Sikandar is already double-minded about Faria, he doesn’t like this gesture. He miscontrues it as Dil Awaiz’s attempt as a mean to get close to him.

“Don’t even think that this will get close to me by doing this,” Sikandar says.

“Don’t even think that I’m doing this to get close to you,” Dil Awaiz says.

Well, not in as many words, but I’m a writer. I give my personal spin to things when I can 😀

Later, we see Sikandar sitting outside when his mother spots him.

Bushra: phir larayi huyi hai?

I so loved that question. So innocent, and also a bit funny. It is so obvious to Bushra and Subhan when this couple fights.

And this question is followed by Sikandar’s long monologue, so touchy and convoluted. He is really messed up. Dil kuch chahta hai, dimaad kuch aur. Some nice lines he orates.


Bushra is one of the best saas, ever

Disappointed by Sikandar’s complete surrender to his confusion, Bushra, talks to Dil Awaiz. She asks Dil Awaiz to put in more efforts into “winning Sikandar’s heart”. 

After this talk, I feel that Bushra is one of the best saas.

Yep, I mean it. She comes a close third to Shahana in Suno Chanda & Naeema in Chaudhry & Sons.

Sarmad has had enough

Gaiti and Tamanna Begum are discussing their repeated failures to bring Dil Awaiz back to Bulbul Hazar Dastaan. While they 

Sarmad has had enough. He pulls out the big guns. No, that’s now an expression. HE REALLY DOES PULL OUT A GUN.

The Payal comes back

The anklet comes back and how.

This is the first time that Dil Awaiz shares the little memory of her missing payal that Sikandar has saved like a treasure. After talking to Bushra, Dil Awaiz confronts Sikandar about  her anklet.

“Why did you save my anklet if you hate me so much?” Dil Awaiz asks Sikandar.

Initially confused by this revelation, Sikandar puts two and two together. He brings Dil Awaiz to his studio where Dil Awaiz’s photos are all around.

Both look confused.

Come on! How difficult is it to connect the dots. The whole scene from studio to the fields and Sikandar reminiscing the whole scene (unnecessarily long flashback).

I almost wished the payal track would be towards the end of this soap. So perhaps, this soap really is heading towards its end. That would be great. I currently have drafted posts upto episode 40. I would be glad if I didn’t have to draft more 😀

Now, that Sikandar knows that he has been in love with Dil Awaiz all this while, we need a “final conflict” before “falling action”. Let’s prepare for the conflict then.

Final Conflict

Kashan brings sweets to Dil Awaiz’s sasural, to celebrate his engagement, you know. Before we know, two goons barge in and take Dil Awaiz away.

So predictable.

Let’s outline the final action.

  1. The goons will bring Dil Awaiz to Tamanna Begum
  2. Dil Awaiz will finally learn the evil woman that is Tamanna Begum
  3. Tamanna Begum will plan to “hand over” Dil Awaiz to Sarmad.
  4. Sikandar will learn about Dil Awaiz’s abduction from Bushra and rush to rescue his wife.
  5. Sarmad will shoot Sikandar, but Nawab Shahabuddin will bring police and all.
  6. Dil Awaiz will ask Nawab Shahabuddin to treat Faria better, to not ignore her. This makes Faria happy who always craved attention and love.
  7. Happily ever after for Sikandar and Dil Awaiz as Sikandar recovers from his injuries.
  8. The plot might be different, but then, I can always write this as my own story. 



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