Drama Review | Dil-e-Momin | Episode 39

Dil-e-Momin episode 39 written update and review

Momin is so full of himself. He thinks Maya is pretending to be nice and pious. I don’t like his stance. He is so freaking proud. But Imam Sahib’s little lecture sets him straight. We see a little bit of romance. Finally, after 39 long episodes, there is romance… Only a little bit of romance, but boy was I desperately waiting for it. I enjoyed it immensely and a lot of credit goes to Faisal Qureshi. What a talented actor he is. And it helps that he still looks like a million bucks.
Fari is sent off with Waleed, and the reception takes place. Momin and Maya are happy together, finally. I also liked how Ansa attended the wedding. I mean… She’s hurt and sad and still trying to be happy about Momin and Zehra. But I don’t like why she is predicting Aashi and Momin to be together again. This drama should just end now. I fear that Momin would marry Aashi as well. I wouldn’t like that, not that anybody is listening to me.

Alright, over and out now.


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Shabana Mukhtar