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Habs Episode 23 Written Update & Review 

Qudsiya! Qudsiya!! Qudsiya!!!

There are so many counts on her head, I can’t even begin.

1. She has promised Yawar’s mother (I had earlier quoted him as Yasir, not that it makes any difference) that instead of Zoya, Ayesha will marry Yawar. Why? Oh, why? She has never even talked to Ayesha, or anybody else for that matter. Ayesha isn’t even divorced. And, Qudsiya has promised that Ayesha will marry Yawar. Does she have any common sense? AT ALL?

2. It is revealed that the whole “buying the house” thing was a fraud. Zafar dude had made fake papers, and now Qudsiya et el will have to vacate the house. One things leads to othe and Qudsiya also let’s out the secret that Basit and Ayesha’s marriage was a deal. Yep! It was all a deal, for Basit and for Qudsiya, both. Bano and Bobby are as shocked as could be.

3. That should teach anyone a lesson, right? But not Qudsiya. She suggests that Bano should take a loan from office. Seriously? Would this woman ever learn a lesson? She isn’t even telling Ayesha the truth, neither about Yawar, nor about the house. Argh! So annoying!

As for the rotten kid Zoya, her in-laws have gotten a good amount of money (5 lakh, was it?), and being a shameless thief, Zoya has evil intentions for all the money and jewellery that Amir’s mother has. She rummages through the safe’s contents and takes out one wad of cash–one lakh rupees. She also drops a ring on the floor, unknowingly. Amir’s mother searches Zoya’s room, but Zoya is too smart.

Ayesha’s words, her weeping, her confusion; it is all getting very annoying now. Itna kya rona dalna? Trust in Allah and move on with life.

As for the sulking groom, he meets with Soha. I don’t know what good that brings to the story. I’m sure Soha’s real purpose is for later part in the drama. Abhi toh drama bahoooooooooooooot drag hona hai.

Peace out!


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Shabana Mukhtar


  1. I also wished Zoya was caught, but like i said, they want to drag the story. itni jaldi khatam nahin karenge 😀

  2. Pharmchick104 says:

    Seriously was such a drag, its almost painful to watch and im sad bc it had so much potential. Agree with you on all counts for mommy dearest. When yawars mom said they liked bano too, why doesnt qudsiya ask bano instead seeing as how bano also would like to get married and doesnt even have a marriage keeping her in limbo.
    Wish zoya had gotten caught, im sick of her scenes and surprised her hubby hasn’t gotten sick of her nagging yet.

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