Drama Review | Badshah Begum | Episode 30

Badshah Begum Episode 30 Written Update and Review

So, it’s time to do gaddi nasheeni of Pir Shahzeb. Roshan Ara is happy to see her “brother”. Pir Shahzeb is busy readying to take over the throne, while his wife is busy hatching a plan of her own–Jahan Ara should leave Piranpur with Bakhtiyar.

Jahan Ara, on the other hand, isn’t too willing to leave the place that has taken Pir Shahmir and Pir Shah Alam’s blood. Just as Bakhtiyar and Jahan Ara decide to go back to Piranpur, he is shot.

By Pir Murad!

Roshan Ara finds out that Jahan Ara has eloped with Bakhtiyar. Pir Shahzeb doesn’t have time to even think who is behind the escaping. He finds out, soon, though. But then, Khalifa Nawaz tells Shahzeb to make Roshan Ara fill in for Badshah Begum.

Pir Qaisar takes Jahan Ara, and plans to announce Pir Murad as the new Pir. Maat pe maat!

Throne is important for all–Pir Shahzeb, Pir Murad, Pir Qaisar, Hakim Bi… Pir Shahzeb finally learns the evil deeds of Pir Murad. This is Shahzeb’s first test as the Pir-would he punish his own brother?

He does! He leaves the decision to Gulnar. And Gulnar leaves it to fate–one bullet in the chamber. And, Murad meets his fate.

And there is some more shit that happens in Qaisar haveli; I’m not going to divulge more.



5 chuuhe ghar se nikle karne chaley shikaar

1 chuuhe ko billi kha gayi baqi bachey chaar

Pir Shah Alam, Pir Shahmir, Pir Murad and Mureed Bakhtiyar (hehe) have gone. Ab bacha hai ek chuuha Pir Shahzeb… Dekho uska kya hota hai.

Farhan Saeed, OMG what a performance! Ali Rehman Khan was also good in his last scene but Farhan is just too good. Also, Gulnar has some real expressions.

I[‘m just happy that this drama is ending soon.


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