Ehd-e-Wafa | Tension is building and love is blooming

I am back with my review of sixth episode of Ehd-e-Wafa. Before we begin, check out the Cast and Characters and previous episodes.

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Plot Summary

This episode starts just where we wanted it to. Shahzaib brings Rani on the terrace and Shahzain comes soon after to talk to her. Shahzain refuses to marry her, taking all the blame.

شاہ زین: تم میری ٹینشن نہ لینا۔ میں اپنے جیسی کوئی نالائق ڈھونڈ لوں گا۔

رانی کا جواب: لائقوں کے جوڑے آسمانوں پر بنتے ہیں اور ںالائقوں کے چھتوں پر۔

Rani is head over heels in love with him, already. Despite Shahzain forbidding her to come down, she does and runs into badey Malak Sahab, using all her charm to impress him. Zara Noor is so beautiful.

Rani is one of the best characters I have seen on screen..her ideology and her lines are so witty, I want to maintain a diary of her lines.

The scene changes to PMA as all candidates get ready for their first drill. Those scenes bring comedy relief and also gives a glimpse of how armies train. Gulzar’s singing gets them both in trouble. Their punishment?. Gulzar is in the pool singing and Saad is doing a push up. Most of the candidates are failed for poor march or poor salute. Saad clears it but Gulzar isn’t even allowed to march. His patch was hilarious but he feels the seniors are being partial.

Shahryar finally gets a scene and what a heartbreaking scene it is. His father is sick, and he has to fill in for him. Shahryar plays in the band. He looks the part and acts the part but we know he is a bit embarrassed.

Sharique is doing an internship in a news agency. He tries to get his senior to recommend his name for reporter’s post as he wants to be in electronic media. His colleague suggests they start a YouTube channel. who doesn’t want that?

Malak Sahab and co visit Dua’s place with his proposal. But they politely refuse. Malak is pissed off with the way they were treated and announces that he’s fixing Shahzain and Rani’s alliance.

At the bus stop from Abbotabad to Rawalpindi, Saad and Dua meet. Despite saad’s efforts he didn’t get a seat in her hus. Dua gets down for him, though. Are the girls more gutsy in this story?

Dua assumes that it was saad’s family who had visited. Saad is confused. But only we know the truth. Do you ever feel that you could tell the character the truth? When I was a kid I used to feel frustrated that why don’t they know. The next episode will clarify everything, so can’t wait.


Shabana Mukhtar