Ghisi Piti Mohabbat | Episode 11 | ARY Digital

Episode 11 of Ghisi Piti Mohabbat is here. Let’s review it.

After a lame face-off between Rizwan and Noor, Noor leaves Rizwan. Alright, done with this track. So now we won’t see Saba Hameed, Saifi Hassan, Wahaj, Sana Askari and Arjumand Raheem on screen. What was Yasir’s problem? We never knew. Whether it was his pwn weird behaviour that pushed his ex-wives to divorce or Khalil’s flirt nature, no light is shed on that.

Of course, new characters are introduced. Shoaib, Asmara’s fiancé; and Khalil’s mother. I guess it’s fair, because we must see Khalil’s family more now.

Samia is on her way to her family, sans her stuff, because Aziza didn’t allow her to take her bag. Fareeda is panic-stricken but Samia keeps a strong face. A little too strong – she jokes around, chirpily demands a good breakfast and is ready to go to work. Samia’s other family members are also very calm. I like that they didn’t turn the situation into a sobbing/crying melodrama.

Asmara’s marriage date is near. Asmara is reluctant to marry for whatever reasons, and comes up with exuses to break off the engagement- what if I meet the same fate as Samia, what if Shoaib’s family objects on Samia’s divorce, and so on. 

I have a bone to pick here.

Samia plans to spend her iddat home, but phupho allows her to step out for work. That’s allowed for the worst case scenario, no? Samia needs to work because they need to run the kitchen. How were they managing when she was married? Doesn’t Anwar do anything? 

I don’t like how they have tried to put a humorous spin to iddat mas’la. A woman who gets a divorce or becomes a widow must observe iddat – stay home for four months and ten days per lunar calendar. Her family is shown to be ignorant about this mas’la, they only worry about the big bucks she earns – don’t even take a day off. Is this a way to tell the viewers that Islam’s teachings must be ignored? Not happy! 

Also not happy about how Khalil’s liking for Samia is romanticised. Every time he looks at her photos, which he clicked without her permission, mind you, we hear a cheerful music. What the? 

Khalil and Farkhanda bicker about his philandering ways. Khalil is flirting with the maid Bano and gives her money but she also steals from him – a cheater for a cheater. Khalil, Farkhanda and Khalil’s mother are very quirky and form a dysfunctional family. Argh!

Tayyaba, Samia’s colleague is already suggesting a new proposal for her. Khalil learns about her divorce so now he can marry her.  We know whom she’ll marry next, don’t we?

Why did I begin watching this drama? Getting bored.

Until next review, stay safe!

Shabana Mukhtar