Haqeeqat | Episode 3 | Kalank


Being beautiful has been a virtue in cultured and civilized societies. But the same thing in ugly and stinking societies becomes the trial of your fate. In our society, a woman faces miserable experiments as mother, sister, daughter, wife, servant or working woman if she has a beautiful face and these horrifying stories never comes out because the victim herself and her family wants to keep it a hush.

Haqeeqat a series of disjoint stories to highlighted the good, the bad, and the ugly of a woman. Sometimes, she is the victim. Other times, she is just pure evil. 

Haqeeqat | Episode 1 | Daghabaaz

This series is quite similar to Chhoti Chhoti Batein by Hum TV. That series had stories more detailed and not as intense.

Director : Ashar Asghar

Producer : Habib Jan

Writer : Sajjad Haider Zaidi

Channel: Aplus Dramas 

Cast & Characters

Ghana Ali as Sonia

A wife seeking her husband’s attention. They are childless and that adds to the bitterness in their relationship.


Azeem Sajjad as Amir

Sonia’s philandering husband.


Hassan Niazi as Muzammil

A shrewd businessman who always has a business plan.



Muzammil’s friend



Amir’s girlfriend



Muzammil’s wife

Plot Summary

The story begins as Sonia and Amir argu. She accuses him for not spending time together. He accuses her for not giving him a child.

Sonia does car deals and Muzammil is a good friend. He also likes her.

Amir decides to marry his girlfriend Anila. Brokenhearted, Sonia confides in him and he sweet-talks her into getting a divorce. She marries him.

Her mother’s property. Sonia tries to play safe – that we should split the money and invest in separate businesses; tht we should open a joint account; but he outsmarts her.

What’s his angle? ‘Dealing’ his wife with his friends. Ewww!

Her friend helps her escape and takes her to a police station. The police officer is Muzammil’s friend and talks rubbish instead of filing a report.


I would like to say it again – nothing new in the story. Remember Akhri Station? Similar story was executed in a much better way in that.

I was hoping there would be a redemption arc. There was none. She braves and reports her story to media. Muzammil leaks her videos and her story is twisted to show her in bad light. In today’s #metoo age, this story was necessary. 


I have seen Azeem Sajjad in Ehd-e-Wafa, as Shahzain’s father. After seeing this drama, there are a few observations.

  1. Different clothes and getup can change a person so much. I mean, look for yourself.
  2. He looks so young to be Shahzain’s father, doesn’t he?

Ghana Ali, the lovely Ghana Ali. She impressed me in Besharamand in Bahu Rani Saas Sayani. This performance is also good. I like her, very much. 

Hassan Niazi kills it as a menacing, shrewd, wife-beating husband who rents his wife for money. Great performance, awful character.

Until next time, allah hafiz.

Shabana Mukhtar