Kahin Deep Jaley | Episode 1

Why should you watch this drama? For it’s cast & story. Also read about the Cast and Characters.


The scene opens as Rida is talking to someone on phone. Her mother is praying and Faham, the elder son asks her to pray for him.

The dupatta is too thin for Namaaz, by the way.

Hatim returns from America after doing his masters. Through a cute family scene we realize that this family shares a strong bond of love and trust. Rida, being the youngest, is treated like a princess.

The next scene shows Zeeshan being thrown out as he begs to grab his documents and photographs.

His father has passed away four months ago and he has no money to pay his servants. He has to let them go, with heavy heart.

Zeeshan’s father’s business partner Nasir has snatched everything and Zeeshan is left with no money, no documents and no home. Nasir doesn’t even have a motive. Just plain greed.

They are on streets, waiting for his friend Waqas.  They are hungry and once a businessman fights the crowd to get food from langar. Zeeshan is devastated as he couldn’t even fetch water for his mother. The glass is chained to the water cooler.

She is unconscious and he begs for money from a hundred people but eventually a beggar gives him the money.

In flashback, we see that Rahman has put everything on risk but the factory is set ablaze. Rahman is wounded and
passes away.

Nida and Shameela bicker, the typical fight between nand-bhawaj and neither are  willing to back down.
Shameela is jealous of her bother sister in laws. Nida seems like a nice woman, but can’t tolerate shit.


Saba Hameed has not said much in the entire episode but her eyes are so expressive. 
I like the premise of the story, although Shameela is very annoying.
Can Imran wear any other colour apart from black, please?
Until next review, Allah Hafiz!
Shabana Mukhtar