Kahin Deep Jaley | Episode 2

Why should you watch this drama? For it’s cast & story. Also read about the Cast and Characters.

1st Episode Review


Hatim’s welcome home party has begun and we see the key members. Rida and family, Rehana and family, Rushna and family.

Rida’s track

Everybody looking fabulous, shiny!

Tauqeer flirts with Rida and younger brother Asim jokes with Rushna. For some reason, Shameela is jealous of them.After the party, Shameela and Tauqeer reminisce about it.

Hatim wants to eat breakfast with complete family but the family wants to sleep.
Also, he wants to do a job instead of joining family business. Faham is very understanding, obviously, being the oldest and most responsible.

Rida goes to meet Rushna and Tauqeer tries to talk to her. By mistake, he holds her hand, enraging her. But she is more like careful than aggressive. I Iike her.

Shameela gets 1000 rupees from Rehana. Intrigued, Nida follows her to the beauty parlour. This family is crack, dysfunctional.

Zeeshan’s track

Zeeshan and Maa Ji are in hospital as Zeeshan’s Mamu comes back from Umrah.

Zeeshan is bitter and emotional as he reminisces everything – how friends turned away, how relatives refused to help, even though his father had helped a lot of people.

Mama and Mami are helpful, though.

Mami insists and gives him a cheque. Mamu has arranged for a job for Zeeshan, too. Both Zeeshan and his mother are vulnerable, fragile and anything can send them off the cliff. They breakdown at this display of kindness.

Their only souvenir is a piano that incidentally was out for repair. Zeeshan plays the piano, recalling fond memories of his father. When Maa Ji talks to him, he breaks down. HYPERSENSITIVE!

Maa Ji asks him that they should stop crying and live for each other. Thank you, Maa Ji. I wish you had a name. I wish your son gets less dramatic with time.

Zeeshan and Hatim both get job in the same office. They are assigned to the same project as well.



Imran and Saba are terrific actors but Zeeshan is a bit too sensitive and is still not able to grasp that his circumstances have changed. It is too much drama, melodrama, DRAMA… too emotional.

I understand that lack of resources makes Shameela bitter. I also empathize with her that she seeks love and affection from others. But, that doesn’t give her a reason to be selfish, self obsessed, lazy and oh so mean.
Nayela and Salman bring the only comic relief.

Until next review, Allah Hafiz!

Shabana Mukhtar