Kahin Deep Jaley | Episode 13 | Wedding Preps Are On


This episode begins as Hatim arrives home and Shameela asks him to drop her to her maika. Shameela asks him what he’s gifting Rida and Zeeshan. It makes her jealous, and she brainwashes Hatim to not give as extravagant gifts to either of them.

Zainab finds another opportunity to warn Khadija about Shameela’s evil intentions.

Faham and Khadija are discussing transferring property papers for Rida. Hatim speaks Shameela’s language. After Faham leaves the room, Khadija asks Hatim if Shameela’s persuaded him, because I know what you can say or not. I love her character. She’s one of the best mothers ever written.


After the festivities, Zeeshan calls Rida. The next scene shows them getting married. The scene is all emotional and I couldn’t help tears. Everyone acted well in this scene.

Shameela objects again on why Khadija is sending breakfast for Rida. Khadija shuts her up once and for all, hopefully. Shameela objects to everything in Rida’s home. She doesn’t stop there. She blabbers more.

Even at home, she tells Khadija that Rida’s life is ruined after marrying Zeeshan. Khadija cannot tolerate this and slaps Shameela. One slap doesn’t do justice to what she deserves, but at least it is a beginning.

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Until next review, stay blessed.

Shabana Mukhtar

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