Telefilm Review | Bakra In Law

Cast and Characters

Asad Siddiqui as Shahmeer

A lawyer who has never lost a case.

Akhtar Hussain as Sarfaraz

Judge, he once wanted to marry Najo. He is separated from his wife who though of him as ugly and beneath her standards.

Sadiya Khan as Abrish Sarfaraz

Sarfaraz’s daughter and Shahmeer’s fiance. She is also a lawyer and has never won a case.

Mira Sethi as Naziya aka Najo

Widowed after one year of marriage.

as Sallu

Najo’s 9-year-old son

Gauhar Rasheed as Tipu

Najo and Sallu’s neighbour. He wants to marry Najo.

Plot Summary

The scene begins in a courtroom. We see two lawyers go neck to neck to defend their client. Abrish’s client has accused a man of eve teasing.

Shahmeer’s client is charged for eve teasing and Shahmeer is trying to prove his innocence.

However, it seems that there is a bigger question and philosophy being argued – are men the most horrible creatures?

So case continues and the lady blames the judge for eace teasing. Bravo!
As it turns out, judge is father of and Shahmeer is her fiancé.
Father tells her to become actor. Sorry, but the way she is saying her lines, she wouldn’t be a good actor either.img_20191214_1823165582508663639333012.jpg

The next scene shows Tipu brining his bakra Prince son of Prince of Prince. Sallu, being a kid, wants a bakra for himself and asks his mother to get one.

Najo and Tipe meet every night in their respective balcony. They love each other, but Najo is worried about society raising fingers at her. But, she doesn’t hesitate to ask him for help. Yep, she asks him to pay electricity bill, very high amount but love struck Tipu agrees.

She cannot afford a bakra. For Sallu, she arranges for a stuffed bakra. Tipu finds out and makes fun of it.

Shahmeer meets Tipu and Tipu says that he’d willing to lose a case to get married. On the other hand, Najo agrees to marry Tipu for Sallu on one condition.

Sallu throws his bakra. Next day, he sees a live bakra with the same yellow string tied around its neck. Tipu claims that prince has died.

So, that must have been Najo’s condition.

When Tipu comes to marry Najo, she humiliates him as a revenge.

Tipu is restless through the night. Najo runs into Shahmeer and tells him that Tipu isn’t well.Upon finding the truth, a lawsuit is filed. I don’t understand why bakra is arrested.

The case is presented and is followed by a lot of courtroom drama. Because judge loves Najo, Najo knows that the ruling could easily be in her favour. She uses her charm to charm Sarfaraz who is already biased towards her.

Shahmeer and Abrish suspect that something’s wrong. So, Abrish lets go of her condition and is willing to marry Shahmeer even if she doesn’t win the case.

Tipu calls Sarfaraz to lose to case for Sarfaraz as Najo loves Sarfaraz. Awnnn!


In open court, both parties openly a accept their mistakes and everything is blamed on society. They all refuse to take Prince.

Then, we see closure for both couples.


Gauhar Rasheed is a terrific actor and he has the most scope for showing his acting skills.

ira Sethi is good in some scenes but her accent seems fake at times.

Asad & Akhtar Hussain do justice to their respective roles and Asad is charming as always.

Sadiya Khan as Abrish is the weakest link.

Parting Thoughts

If you are absoltely free and have absoltely nothing better to do, watch this telefilm for a few laughs.

Until next post, remember me in your prayers.

Shabana Mukhtar

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