Thora Sa Haq | Episode 9 | First Seed of Doubt Is Sewed


Everyone is mourning and Zamin blames Waqar’s death on Seher. Argh, please!

Iftekhar ponders over his last conversation with Waqar and realizes that it must be Seher’s impending wedding that Waqar wanted to discuss. He, therefore, refuses to marry Seher to Anwar. It doesn’t go down well with the dictator Rabia. As usual, Rabia blames it on Seher.

Hareem dreamily talks to Seher, about Zamin. Behen, she’s married to him. Rafey is the first to notice Seher’s interest in Zamin. He takes Hareem out for coffee, just to break the news to her. Hareem storms off and Rafey smiles – a tiny and mean and amused smile. This is the first time I liked his acting.

Rabia tells Munazza that she should keep an eye on Zamin. Chalo, more people to watch Zamin and Seher.

Zamin leaves his room to apologize to Seher. Hareem leaves hers to meet Zamin and Munazza leaves hers to watch Zamin. She overhears conversation between Zamin and Seher.

Zamin and Seher both take the blame of Waqar’s death Munazza interrupts them just in time. She pushed Zamin to hide behind a pillar and then Hareem makes an entry.

Munazza manages to brush Hareem off. The next moment, she locks the door and slaps Seher, because that’s convenient for everyone. Isn’t it?

So, Zamin tells her.


What awful acting by Imran Abbas! Thankfully, Ayeza Khan acts well to compensate in the opening scene.

Firdous Jamal is also good when he remembers Waqar.

And, the best performance is by Nida Mumtaz when she finds out about Zamin and Seher. Uff!

Oh, by the way… Imran is wearing darker shade of lipstick than Ayeza.

Until next review, stay blessed.

Shabana Mukhtar