Yeh Dil Mera | Episode 8 | Farooq is lying


Amaan hangs up on Aina and doesn’t pick up her call again. Now, Aina is upset with Amaan. But, the next morning, he lies to her that he was asleep and responded without knowing how rude he’s been.

On the other side, Sahira’s sister informs her about the engagement and it irks Sahira. Farooq arrives at Karachi and Sahira taunts him about their secret marriage. Would it affect Farooq? Of course not?

He plays his card well and puts it all on him, making her more vulnerable. And, he finally threatens to divorce her. Although, he has the upper hand in this argument, we know that these big words are going to cost him in one way or the other; and sooner rather than later.

Farooq leaves for Dubai and Aina is watching a horror movie. It upsets her and she gets the same nightmare. Ab kya hoga? Would Amaan come to calm her?

Of course! He does. She tells her the dream.

Farooq comes back from Dubai the next morning.

Nargis bua apologizes for a mistake that she hasn’t done.

Aina tells Farooq that it was her fault, thankfully clearing up anything th t Farooq may hold against Nargis bua.

Doctor requests Farooq to revisit Aina’s childhood thoroughly. Farooq tells him that her childhood was perfect. And, the doctor takes a note, “Farooq is lying.”


I have a few questions.

Does Aina have nothing to do except talking to Amaan?

Does Amaan have nothing better to do, either? Isn’t he running a business?

Isn’t there anybody else in the entire house except Aina and Nargis bua?

I know Dubai isn’t far from Islamabad but if Farooq doesn’t focus on business, how is his business flourishing?

Very nice performance by Rabia Butt when she’s confronting Farooq. And Sajal Ali when she calls Amaan and cries hysterically.

Continuity problem

Amaan: Rona Nahin warna main chala jaunga

Aina: Nahin.

Chalo, I will see you next week. Next post, I mean.

Shabana Mukhtar

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