Brochara | Episode 3 | The Getaway


Like I said, this one is about Dhiren. He is going to Goa to meet Saumya. Kanan is driving that day and Pranay is freaking out. Looking at how he is driving, it freaks me out, as well.

And, in this crazy and scary ride they are also arguing whether Dhiren should first visit birth Goa or south Goa.

People who have been to Goa would know better. I can’t comment, but their bickering was so annoying. It got to me. And, Dhiren as well. He slaps them both as Saumya has cancelled the trip. That’s when Shivashish joins them.

He is wearing a nice shirt, that his girlfriend Simran has gifted him. Unaware of the changes circumstances, he starts to blabber about liquor that he wants from Goa. Ahem!

Gradually, Dhiren’s mood gets better and he decides that the four of them go to Goa instead.

The so-called resort is an under construction mess and a dinge hole.
They set up a bonfire in the swimming pool.


Dhiren is upset, still, but his friends talk him out of it using a nice combination of philosophy and comedy.

The episode ends as Saumya and Dhiren reconcile over a video call.

What we can control is how we react to it.


Mithali Palkar makes cameo when Dhiren and Kanan were in the elevator talking to their respective spouses.

So far, we have seen various aspects of long term relationship and its impact on the individuals and how the brotherhood helps them recover from occasional heartbreak and roadblocks.

It is not difficult to assume that the next episode would be about Shivashish.Let’s see what angle of long distance relationship does his story explore.

Shabana Mukhtar