Kahin Deep Jaley | Episode 3

Why should you watch this drama? For it’s cast & story. Also read about the Cast and Characters.

2nd Episode Review


Rida’s Track

Rida is upset that her dupatta colour does not match. She behaves as if the world has come to an end. Faham volunteers to go out and fix it for her. Shameela has nothing better to do, so she calls Faham and gets jealous, again.

Rida and family is upset that Faham has not returned. Hatim, the only one with a bit of sense, scolds her. Rida does realize her mistake, though. 
The next morning, she gets ready for her college play and the whole family clicks pictures, make fun of each other and in general has a good time. This family is so free-spirited. They enjoy the smallest moments together.
Rida and Hatim go out for buying her books. Two guys tease her and Hatim beats the shit out of them. Unnecessary drama ensues. Rida cries her eyes out, scared after the incident. Who’s the guy in that white car?
Tauqeer writes a letter to Rida and delivers with the notes. How did she know that there will be a letter?

Zeeshan’s Track

Maa ji has fired all maids to save money. She is weak, falls unconscious, making Zeeshan more scared than ever. Amidst the chaos of taking her to the hospital, Zeeshan forgets to inform his boss.
Zeeshan’s boss wants to fire him, but Hatim intervenes. He also offers to do Zeeshan’s work. Not just that, he goes to his house and finds that his mother is hospitalized. Kyuni future mein Zeeshan uska brother-in-law jo banne wala hai. Eheheh!
Mamu and Mami find out later, as usual and Mami suggests to bring a bahu. Why? Because that’s the only solution, yeah right!

Shameela’s Track (Least favourite track)

Salman has applied for 10 lakh rupees. And, Nayela doesn’t mind one bit. In fact, she asks him to help as he is the only brother.

Rehana tries to talk to Shameela, that she should change herself as soon she’d be married.

اچھی اور سچی باتوں کو یقین دلانے کی ضرورت نہیں پڑتی۔
But, Shameela is her daughter, after all. Shameela convinces her to talk to Khadija for her marriage. Rehana comes to meet Khadija and casually brings up Shameela and Faham’s marriage.
At lunch table, Shameela enjoys the family’s friendly conversation but also feels jealous of Rida. Even though Rida has exams, the family plans for an outing. Sahi hai!
Faham, Asim, Rida and Shameela goes to the beach. Faham and Shameela are just beginning to have a moment but Rida distracts Faham, making Shameela jealous, again.



I like Neelum’s character, a welcome change from Dil Mom Ka Diya. I don’t like Zeeshan’s character. Itna hypersensitive, uff!
But, the story is interesting. It has a lot of characters and a lot is going on in parallel. Yes, I remember that I have to review the book. Soon, my dear friends, soon!

Until next review, Allah Hafiz!

Shabana Mukhtar