Kahin Deep Jaley | Episode 4

Hello, I am back with my review for 4th episode of Kahin Deep Jaley. Before I begin, do check out previous posts.

Cast and Characters


Tauqeer tries to talk to Rushna about his feelings.

I am sensing that Shameela will poison Rida’s married life. She feels jealous of Rida, every two minutes.

Zeeshan and his boss argue. Hatim sticks out for him, again. Zeeshan apologizes for his uninformed leave, but he has also finished his work by staying up all night. You don’t need to say that in professional setting. Your boss doesn’t give a damn if you killed yourself. He is only interested in getting the work done. Just remember that for the next time, okay?

Later, Hatim and Zeeshan talk. Hatim finds out about Zeeshan’d past, that he was once a rich businessman. Hatim tells him to focus on the present, instead of glooming over the past. Thank you, I mean how long will you torture yourself by thinking over glories of the past.

Khadija tells Rida to be cautious about life and not break their pride.

Rida and his brothers are playing badminton in the lawn. Their fun and lively banter again showing us how close they are. Suddenly, Hatim’s phone rings and he walks out. What is up with that?

That night, Asim scares Rida, who’s studying in her room. As it turns out, they have planned a very elaborated birthday surprise for her. Awnnn! What a lovely family!


Sab log rishta dekh rahe hain.

Rushna ki Shaadi, because Faraz, her fiance is going abroad and need to get her papers ready.

Tauqeer Ki Shaadi because Rushna’s mother will be alone once her daughter is married.

Zeeshan ki Shaadi because Maa Ji doesn’t keep well and they cannot afford maids. 




I have a question. Zeeshan has a job now. Surely, they can hire one maid, right?


Until next review, Allah Hafiz!

Shabana Mukhtar