Kahin Deep Jaley | Episode 5

Hello, I am back with my review for 5th episode of Kahin Deep Jaley. Before I begin, do check out previous posts.

Cast and Characters


Hatim is still upset about something. Thankfully, the scene is not dragged. We finally know that someone is sending rubbish messages for Rida. I bet it is the same weirdo who was in that white car when Rida and Hatim went to get books.
Faham explains why the unknown caller is messaging Hatim – because Hatim is emotional. Faham is calm, Asim is young and careless. My question is that why don’t they go and talk to police?
Tauqeer is still pursuing Rida. I am fearing that the unknown caller may be misconstrued to be Tauqeer.

Shameela raids Nayela’s cupboard, finds a gold set and shows it to Rehana. While she’s blaming that Nayela must have stolen Rehana’s golden bangles, Nayela and Salman come looking for the set. The set belongs to Nayela’s cousin, purchased two months ago. Shameela’s accusation doesn’t work on Rehana, but Salman is upset with Nayela that she doesn’t inform him of everything. It is a false accusation, but we know what Shameela is capable of doing.

Rehana fabricates a different story about the theft incident and blames everything on Nayela, winning brownie points with Khadija. Khadija promises to set wedding date as soon as possible.

Rushna discusses Tauqeer with Rida. Rida is slightly upset but does not say much. Faham and Shameela’s wedding date is set after ten days.

The first family they meet for Zeeshan’s marraige turns out to be greedy. They ask about his business and his salary. Apparently, 1.5 lakh rupees per month is less for them.


I love Rida’s character. She is a no nonsense girl.

Other characters are good, too. But, it is not very difficult to predict how the story will turn out.

I don’t have a good feeling about this drama. It is going to be very negative. I am still watching it, don’t worry.

Until next review, Allah Hafiz!

Shabana Mukhtar


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