Kahin Deep Jaley | Episode 6

Hello, I am back with my review for 6th episode of Kahin Deep Jaley. Before I begin, do check out previous posts.

Cast and Characters


Shameela is not happy that Khadija doesn’t want to take any dowry. Uff, what a horrible girl! She will never be happy, and won’t let anyone else be happy.

Tauqeer is also a bit creepy by the way. He sends a total ashiqana message to Rida and Hatim reads it – the guy who already has troubles trusting his sister. He analyses the situation right, but unable to believe that Tauqeer would do such a cheap thing.

Salman and Nayela try to instill some sense in Shameela’s head but she doesn’t budge, not even one bit. She needs one lakh rupees for her bridal makeup. Rehana refuses to give her money so she asks Faham and Faham hands over his credit card. He a trusting and stupid man. Aise kahan hota hai bhai?You’ll be doomed, soon, my friend.

Hatim meets Maa Ji to bring Faham’s wedding card. The two families will meet soon. Rishta ki baat chalegi.

The baraat arrives and Zeeshan sees Rida’s dupatta getting burned and saves her.
Cupid is at work and Zeeshan is smitten by her beauty Who isn’t?
Amidst the pleasant chaos of the marrige, there is one random scene in the middle. Rida is running towards the stage, cuz that’s what you do in a marriage hall. And, Zeeshan holds her hand to stop and they just look at each other, smiling. It was not clear if it was a dream. Let’s assume it was not. When they were doing this, where were others?


Chalo, finally there will be some romance, hopefully.  
By the way, my review of the novel Kahin Deep Jaley Kahin Dil is live. It answers quite a lot of questions. Do read it 🙂

Until next review, Allah Hafiz!

Shabana Mukhtar


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