Kahin Deep Jaley | Episode 7

Hello, I am back with my review for 6th episode of Kahin Deep Jaley. Before I begin, do check out previous posts.

Cast and Characters


Imran is so cute!

Tauqeer’s mother thinks about asking for Rida’s proposal. So does Zeeshan’s mother. The reaction is different in both households.

Tauqeer is initially happy, that his family’s choice matches his. Then, he remembers Rida’s outright rejection. He forbids his family, very strictly.

He says “I liked someone but she doesn’t feel the same way. She has broken his heart. I will never get married.” Way to go, you dumbo! What mother would sing praises for that girl?

Tauqeer’s mother curses the unknown girl. Who does that, without knowing the reason? By the way, let’s call Rushna’s mother Najma because that’s her name in the novel. The drama is based on Kahin Deep Jaley Kahin Dil By Qaisera Hayat, remember?


Anyways, so Shameela is home. The wedding rituals are going on and Asim is teasing everyone, not allowing to feed sweets to Shameela. So, Shameela snaps.


بہت اچھا لگ رہا ہے میرا تماشہ لگا کر۔

Her retort silences everyone. Khadija asks Rida to take Shameela to her room, reprimands Asim for his continuous quirks and dismisses everyone. 
Asim is upset. And, so is Faham. Although, being the eldest brother and now Shameela’s hunsband. He deals with it quite nicely. He tells Shameela the importance of his family for him and that she should treat them just as nicely. But we all know Shameela is beyond repair. She confesses her undying love for Faham, making him forget everything, for the moment.

For breakfast, before Faham and Shameela arrive for breakfast, Khadija asks Asim to be in control. But why seat them next to each other.

Shameela comes to the dining room. The first shock is that she didn’t wear the dress that Khadija wanted her to wear. When Asim offers him something, she just glares at him, makes and excuse and returns to her room. So does Faham.

Asim’s comment is spot on.

Mahaul waqayi badal raha hai.

Faraz is Rushna’s fiancé. They are soon to be married. Khadija and Rida meet Tauqeer’s mother and she tells the sob story that Tauqeer doesn’t want to marry.



Zeeshan’s mother is also happy that soon Zeeshan will be married.

Ali Abbas is a superb actor and his character Faham has delivered some of the best lines in this episode.

Let’s see what next episode brings.

Until next review, remember me in your prayers.

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