Kahin Deep Jaley | Episode 8

Let’s review 8th episode of Kahin Deep Jaley. Before I begin, do check out previous posts.

Cast and Characters


Zeeshan is promoted at work.

Shameela repeats a million that the dresses Rida has bought are not worth wearing. Faham immediately tells her that she doesn’t need to remind him repeatedly. Choices may be different.

Tauqeer’s mother’s comments bother Rida so she calls Tauqeer and vents out her frustration.


Just as I expected, Shameela is set to avenge Rida but tarnishing her image with fabricated stories about Rida.

Faham realizes that Shameela’s behaviour just as bad with her only family. Shameela keeps on bragging and humiliating Nayela.

Zaheda, the maid is an important part. She tells Khadija her feelings about Shameela. 

Khadijs feels the same way. but still negates Zaheda.



Not for long, though. Zaheda’s  words keep repeating in her head. Just then, Shameela suggests that they fire Zaheda, making false stories about Zaheda.


Rida’s dupatta gets burned while ironing. Then she finds out that all the dresses they had purchased are out of the wardrobe. Shameela offers that Rida takes those dresses. One more down, both Rida and Khadija both are upset now.

Shameela shows one lousy message on her phone. She tries to create a misunderstanding, but Faham’s trust is rock solid. Bravo!

It must be Shameela herself who has been doing it all along.

Faham goes to police station, finally. Something that should have been done long time ago.

Khadija overhears Shameela’s and confronts her but she actsher guts out and pretends to be sorry.

Khadija also talk to Rida, suggests that she stops using her cellphone and to beware of Shameela. She tells the truth about unknown messages. 




Saba Faisal is so good as worried mother. By the way, I think that Rida should have been more shocked to hear about the text message’s stuff; and more devastated, too. Neelum’s reaction was very subdued and less hysteric. 


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Until next review, Allah Hafiz!

Shabana Mukhtar