Kahin Deep Jaley | Episode 9

Let’s review 9th episode of Kahin Deep Jaley. Before I begin, do check out previous posts.

Cast and Characters


I like Nayela the best. She’s the only one who comes close to matching Shameela’s villainous ways.

Rehana and Nayela visit Shameela. Nayela meet Rida, warns her to beware of Shameela. It is not like Shameela has any filters. She says to Rida, “Chup raho, warna tumhari pol khol dungi.”

The text messages continue. Even though Faham’s police friend Haider has promised to helpHatim is being hyper and Faham is trying to calm him down. Asim isn’t oblivious to the tension. He asks his brothers but they don’t share anything with him.

Shameela is on a mission, to torture everyone and to force Faham to go out and buy her things. They go out for shopping. Faham tries to talk to her, to learn to be content and think about those who don’t even get to eat properly. Shameela’s beyond everything. She twists the words and tells him to not compare her with anybody. Faham, I feel for you, bro.

Maa ji and Zeeshan are visiting Rida’s family. Zeeshan is out of control. He is confused, fumbles and messes up, BIG TIME. So does Rida. It is a fun scene. They look the cutest – shy, confused, unsure how to express their feelings.

Rida is talking to Rushna about Zeeshan. Shameela overhears her and starts talking shit, as she always does.


There is one scene that bothered me extremely. Rida is praying. She gets up from sajda and unwraps her dupatta. Aise kahan hota hai? Qaida mein kaun baithega?

One more episode to go, before this backlog is clear. Uff! How much work I have taken up?

If you’re curious about knowing how the story will turn out, please read my review of the novel Kahin Deep Jaley Kahin Dil is live. It answers quite a lot of questions. Do read it 🙂


Until next review, Allah Hafiz!

Shabana Mukhtar




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