Mere Paas Tum Ho Episode 15: A 180 degrees change in Danish. Will Shahwar be able to handle it?

It is time to review the 15th episode of Mere Paas Tum Ho. This episode is the best episode so far, giving the viewer an adrenaline rush and a much needed respite from pitying Danish. With much further ado, let’s dissect this one.

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Plot Summary

Rumi refuses to meet Mehwish. Mehwish cannot tolerate this and starts talking rubbish. The principal puts her in her place and asks her to leave.


Danish signs the papers for selling his house and gets 10 lakh rupees. He arrives late at work and his colleague (the guy who has replaced Mateen) questions him but he tells him his plans to leave the job. He leaves the office soon after. Bhai, what about resignation? Don’t you have to serve notice period, etc? Or, do these formalities not apply in government offices?

Haniya calls Danish to inform him about the day’s progress and warns him that he should not force Rumi to meet Mehwish.

Shahwar calls Danish to threaten him. Danish tries to explain but Shahwar doesn’t listen. A depressed Danish is walking on the streets as Shahwar and Mehwish enjoy an intimate dance and Rumi is scared, awake in his hostel bed.

Danish tries to explain things to Rumi. Rumi, being the innocent child he is, doesn’t give a damn.

At the café, Danish overhears some men, Shahwar’s employee bickering and bad mouthing Shahwar and Mehwish. Something changes in him at the restaurant.

Danish takes the first bold step and he informs the Watchman about the truth that he has divorced Mehwish and Rumi is in a hostel. He calls Rumi’s hostel, then calls Haniya so she could take Rumi’s responsibility again. Then, he watches the time tick by to talk to Rumi. Hell tells Rumi that he is bring brave and so Rumi is free to decide whether he wants to meet his mother or not.

Since he has decided to be bold and courageous, he gets ready like an executive “dashing” man, and he goes to meet Shahwar.

Shahwar is in a meeting, upset about share prices falling. Danish barges and beats the shit out of him.

That’s not all. He tells the three witnesses to be fearless for Shahwar cannot fire them now.


Let me start by appreciating how well Shameel Hilali has performed for her small role as principal.

But he is so cute and sensitive. Look at him, he is timid and curious…


Danish beating up Shahwar and Shahwar getting scared, is the best scene so far in all of the series. We all were rooting for Danish, for his savage replies, if any. He exceeds all expectations and gives us something to remember until next episode.

I still have a question. You were being courageous, or stupid? Shahwar has a lot of money. He can get you killed.

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Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more reviews.

Shabana Mukhtar