Mere Paas Tum Ho | Episode 17 | Rumi’s Questions Are Funny And Curious

It is time to review the 17th episode of Mere Paas Tum Ho. This episode takes a predictable turn as Danish’s investment is getting returns. Acche din aa gaye. With much further ado, let’s dissect this one.

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Plot Summary

Danish’s track

The episode begins as Haniya goes out for dinner with her friends. Danish is also in the same restaurant. Obviously, she’s surprised to see him at the high-class restaurant instead of eating at the dhaba. Without hesitating, she joins him on his table. Haniya tells him about Rumi’s wish to set him up with his teacher.

Just as she is trying to convince him, Shahwar and Mehwish walk in. How convenient! Itna coincidence? All the characters are in the same restaurant.

Without touching his food, Danish leaves, upsetting Haniya as well. Awain, itna paisa waste.

Haniya’s friend Mathira is more curious about Danish than Haniya herself. She makes Haniya call Danish and chat up. Bhai waah, dost ho to aisi!

Salman calls Dasish to invite for dinner and Danish agrees. The next day, Danish goes to a car showroom and selects an expensive car. Wadde log, waddi baatein.

Very conveniently, Salman calls him to inform that the share prices have increased to 52.80 rupees. Salman talks to Gauhar, his friend at the car showroom and Danish gets a good deal – 50000 off on 34 lakh car.

He takes out the car for a spin and asks Mushtaque to park his bike in his house. Very quick, bro! But shouldn’t you be wearing the seat belt?

Rumi’s happiness when he sees the car and the new house is beyond words. Buy, he also fears if Danish has done something wrong to earn money.

Rumi: “It must be costly.”

Danish: “It is now, because you like it.”

Rumi: “I hope it’s not a dream.”

Danish: “It’s not.”

Rumi now has his own phone, so he asks Danish for Haniya’s phone number. He’s cute, oh so cute.

Mushtaque also arranged for a driver and a cook. I didn’t know brokers do all sorts of stuff.


Mehwish’s track

Shahwar and Mehwish are getting married and Mehwish doesn’t meet him, until Nikaah.Mehwish is preparing and shopping for her wedding as she runs into someone. No, not Shahwar’s wife. Anoushey, remember her friend who was pimped her for Shahwar.

She isn’t being too friendly this time either. She tries to scare Mehwish by talking about Shahwar’s wife. Kaisi friend ho, behen?

And just when she’s ready to step out for nikaah, enters Maham (the lovely Savera Nadeem). She slaps Mehwish before introducing herself. Savage!


Doesn’t he look handsome?

Rumi is still trying hard to set them up. I just think that the dialogues are a bit too bold for his age. It doesn’t have any strong words, but the message that he conveys…

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Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more reviews. Until next review, stay blessed.

Shabana Mukhtar