Mere Paas Tum Ho Episode 5

Let’s review the 5th episode of Mere Paas Tum ho.

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Plot Summary

Danish is restless and worried. He fears that the bribe he has taken (10 lakh rupees) will be stolen.  

Mehwish convinces him to talk to Monty about buying his car. Monty asks him if Mehwish has started working. This infuriates Danish, again, and the car deal is off.  

Danish’s boss asks him to sign on a file, for an unconstructed road. He cannot get through with it. he returns the money and refuses to sign the file. 

Shahwar calls her again and praises her incessantly, creepily. She hasn’t told Danish yet and she doesn’t object to his flirting, either. 

Shahwar is drinking at his house waiting for his guests. When they arrive, he talks in puzzles and doesn’t answer straight. Mehwish falls for his dukhi daastan. His questions are personal and intrusive. And finally, he makes his move. “Ask Danish to take everything from me and give me Mehwish.” Why doesn’t she run away from this man? 


Is Adnan playing himself? He plays flute for his guests. And then gives extravagant gifts to all three of them. 

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Shabana Mukhtar