Mere Paas Tum Ho Episode 6

Let’s review the 6th episode of Mere Paas Tum ho.

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Plot Summary

This is the episode that made me notice the drama and I decided to watch it.

Shahwar gifts them gifts – one expensive necklace, a wristwatch for Danish and a piano and lots of chocolates for Rumi. Danish notices that Shahwar looks at him differently and that Mehwish doesn’t notice the same.  

Danish’s love is unconditional, Mehwish’s is not. She is materialistic and rightly so. 

Anoushey is aware of Shahwar’s nature and has no qualms about his open, borderline indecent words. 

Then we see another character make his appearance – Mateen Sahab. Mohammed Ahmed is playing the role. Isn’t he awesome? He is in Ehd-e-Wafa, also.

Danish’s boss harasses him by making a big fuss about his office timings. 

Just as I expected, Shahwar comes home unannounced, talks shit and goes back. Rumi notices this, but Mehwish lies to him, too. She knows what Shahwar is doing is wrong. Why doesn’t she stop talking to him?

Danish runs into Naseem, a guy who lives in the same building. The watchman informs him about Shahwar’s visit. Danish tells her that she should send her photos instead of CV. He subtly tells her that he knows but she lies through her teeth. 


I repeat my question – why she doesn’t stop him? He offers a job, openly saying that he only wants to see her every day. His possessive obsessive behaviour strangely works like a charm on her. 

Danish knows what Shahwar is doing is wrong. Why doesn’t he ask her to break all ties with that creep?

So far, the drama has been one tone – Mehwish wants a lot of money; Danish doesn’t want to accept bribes; Shahwar is lusting after Mehwish. Nothing else has happened – literally nothing. I am waiting for a plot twist, but the story seems to be going on a predictable path.

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