Qismat | Episode 15 | Soha and Rayan Are Together

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Soha is out in the open and it starts to thunder and rain. Because it was not bad enough already.

Just as I expected, Rayan comes back to give her phone and takes her with him.
He says and I quote, “main tumhein chod aata hoon.”
Kahan? Daar-ul-amaan, she says when Rayan asks her.

Her mother is worried sick and calls her. Soha disconnects the call as she is too upset to talk.

Rayan recalls his conversation with Maham that Soha likes rains.
He takes her to Waleed’s house but Waleed’s mother slams the door on her face. Why wouldn’t she? Her own goddamn father kicked her out.

Soha calls Waleed, who has left his phone at home. Waleed sees them together and instead of being sympathetic, he asks her, “what are you doing with him?”

Soha blames him and he blames everything on her. Great going!
Some really shady conversation between Waleed and if anybody has any self-respect she would refuse to be with Waleed. Thankfully, Soha doesn’t take the shit from Waleed.

Now, what? Take her home.

Take her home he does and announces to his parents that she’d love with them.
Chal bhai, good call!

Rasheda is upset understandably but why does Shabbeer object to it? Anyway, Rayan tells them what has happened.

Asiya is still worried about Soha. Why doesn’t Soha talk to her?

Now, Rasheda is still bitter. Let’s see what the next episode unfolds.

Shabana Mukhtar