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Hello and welcome to TOMU. Let’s review 12th episode of Ehd-e-Wafa, my favourite drama amongst the 7 I am watching and reviewing.

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The episode begins as Rani and Shahzain are flirting over phone. She has a selfish motive, though. She and her mother want a dhoom dhaam ki mangni, as does Malak. But, Rani believes in drama so she uses all her acting chops to convince Malak Allah. A nice beginning of the episode. Zara Noor Abbas lightens up the screen every time she’s in the frame.

Sharique and Shahryar are upset about Saad and Shahzain. Shahryar very practically advises Sharique to mind his own business as Saad and Shahzain have rich people problem to deal with. Good point!

We see Dua’s family after a long time. They discuss the chances of going abroad but she refuses the opportunity as she wants to spend time with her parents. Their conversation hints on Dua being adopted. Cliché!

Malak Allah Yaar notices that Shahzain is upset. His monologue is hilarious but Shahzain doesn’t open up. But the engagement is going to be legendary.

Saad & PMA

The frame changes, and so does the mood. Now that the officers know about Haris’s predicament, they call his parents. And, two different officers talk to them. They both narrate a different backstory.  Salman blames everything on her brothers and their richer lifestyle. She blames everything on Salman’s mother and sisters.

They chat and resolve their differences.


When Haris meets them, just look at that smile.


Salman takes her home. So, PMA also resolves family issues. Nice!

The platoon prepares for a boxing match, that readies them for a hand to hand combat with enemy. Gulzar scares Saad with his running commentary.

اللہ کرے تو قیامت کے یہ تین منٹ تین سیکنڈ کی طرح جی کر آئے۔ باجماعت آمین۔

Saad loses the bout, though. His officer encourages him to stay positive. Gulzar has gotten a good beating, despite his claim that his opponent would listen to him. Hilarious!

The yarmuk is announced for endurance, navigation skills, cooking etc. Saad’s father is pronounced. We see a heartwarming phone conversation between the two.

The yarmuk begins and we see them navigating through green patches, cross a river, offer prayers, do routines and cooking. Haaris thanks Saad for helping him.

The platoon is not ready for the simplest task – cooking. Gulzar offers to cook for him as he has catering experience. In exchange he asks for their company aid. Saad immediately agrees. An exchange of meaningful glances between him and Gulzar tell us that they are in this together. Naughty boys!



If you look at the training plan of PMA, the second term at PMA has a few things as part of syllabus – boxing match and Yarmuk. Incidentally, we see both of them incorporated in the same episode. 

What do you feel about this episode?

Shabana Mukhtar