Book Review: Wo Jo Qarz Thha – episode 1

I just read the first episode of “Wo Jo Qarz Thha” by Syeda Ghazal Zaidi on

First thing first, the idea of online digest is awesome. It has crossed my mind so many times. In fact, my publisher Sarbakaf Publications and myself have been working on similar lines for Islamic magazine. We would soon be foraying into fiction genre. That said, online platform for new writers, in form of digest, is commendable. I would certainly be approaching them soon.

Coming back to the story, I downloaded and abandoned it after skimming through the first few pages. The theme sounded too familiar. It reminded me of Chand, gagan aur Chandni by Iqra Sagheer Ahmad, vividly remembering Varsha and Sarim Afridi.

However, after a while, in retrospect, I read it end to end. I read it, because I wouldn’t want the same to happen to my stories when those get published. And it is  on the way, guys,and sooner rather than later.

The story is interesting, intriguing and at times touching. Without giving away the story line, I would like to say that one of the parallel tracks has elicited enough curiosity in me, and I would be waiting for the next episode.

I noticed a couple of editing errors. Others than that, it is a nice job. Keep it up Syeda Ghazal Zaidi.

Shabana Mukhtar



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  1. @Cristian Mihai,
    Oh my god, your profile and body of work is so impressive. I think I will have to keep aside some time to read all your amazing stories.

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