Yeh Dil Mera | Conclusion

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A promising high energy beginning, a sagging middle and an absurd end; that’s how I will remember Yeh Dil Mera.

Let’s discuss the goods and the bad of Yeh Dil Mera, shall we?

This drama followed the curve of my royalties – maintained a horizontal line at peak, zoop and down. Haha!

Let’s tackle the open questions first.


  1. How did Nargis Bua and Farhana Khala meet in Islamabad when one began from Sakhar and the other from the United States of America? Don’t ask.
  2. Aina’s nightmares were initially limited to only that eventful night when Nilo was killed, the train sound etc but when she’s in Dariyabad, she recalls other stuff as well. I can digest that her surroundings remind her of that dream. In episode 30, however, she remembers everything, EVERYTHING. Why? What triggered it? The plot needed Aina to come on board. That’s why. Don’t expect any further explanations.
  3. The young Aina, that girl with accent, was old enough to remember what had happened to her mother. Simply calling it a bad dream worked? How?
  4. Aman’s confrontation with Farooq was a major turning point and both actors nailed their parts but what happened to the plot? Aman disappeared into thin air and Farooq wastes time fuming, hoping Ali Bakhsh would find him. Meh!


Most of the reasoning for various characters / plot twists are also stupid.

For instance, Nargis Bua hid the truth about Nilo’s death, something that Aina should have remembered herself. She reasons, “I didn’t say anything because I was doing namak halali.”

When Farooq tries to attack Humaira, she asks Aman to keep it a secret from Ubaid but tells Nilo about it. Her reason? “I don’t want to tell Ubaid because he will lose his temper.”

Is it fine to tell Nilo? She would be devastated just as much, no?

Farhana Khala role was only to sit with a stack of books and letters and question repeatedly. Her dialogues were limited to a series of ifs and buts…


Smart casting, many people watched the drama just for the chemistry Sajal and Ahad oozed on the screen. #sahad

Adnan Siddiqui, Sajal Ali and Ahad Raza Mir are the pivotal roles and they do a fine job.

The supporting cast doesn’t disappoint either. Zarnish Khan and Mira Sethi had limited screen time and role but they play am important role and depicting the story.

From Nargis Bua to Farhan Ali Agha as Ghauri to Ali Bakhsh, everyone acted well. Except Rabia Butt as Sahira and Ghauri’s wife and that young Aina, I think everyone else was spot on.


The one thing that the team did well is to keep audience engaged through clips that promise a shocking revelation which eventually are Tain Tain Fish.

This drama also relied on flashbacks and yet it took forever to know the whole truth about how the eff did Nilo die.

This post sounds like I hated the drama, I did not. Go here and read my praises for the first 12-13 episodes of this drama; then it went downhill.

To reiterate, a promising high energy beginning, a sagging middle and an absurd end; that’s how I will remember Yeh Dil Mera. This drama taught me a lot of what not to do when writing romantic mysteries. I will still remember this for its performances.
Interested in reading the episode-wise review? Go here.

Shabana Mukhtar