Yeh Dil Mera Episode 1 – A Visual Treat

Yeh Dil Mera Poster
Yeh Dil Mera Poster


The first episode of Yeh Dil Mera is uploaded. Yeh Dil Mera is a new HUM TV drama. There was a big fuss on internet about it when the teaser was released. Obviously, it stirred a lot of interest. That alone does not make me watch the drama. The teaser had an element of mystery. I would love to watch a mystery for a change, even though the romance and drama are more prominent in the story.

Plot Summary and My Commentary

The episode opens as a train crosses a station and two silhouettes are seen escaping in the dark of the night. The music increase your heart beat as thought something bad is about to happen. Then we hear a gunshot.

We see a suave man Agha Jaan (Adnan Siddiqui) talking to his mulazims. He asks about Aina.

Nargis Bua ji enters a bedroom and lectures Noor-ul-Ain aka Aina affectionately.

The third scene shows a young man getting ready for a jog. Enters Amaan, the male protagonist of the story.

Aina meets Asiya, Aina’s uncle’s daughter Asiya’s brother Saquib is getting married and Asiya is boasting about shopping from Paris and France. Uh? Paris is in France.

Later, her friends make fun of her.

Ali Bakhsh is one of Agha Jaan’s many guards who constantly shadows her.

Next, we see both Amaan and Noor in a dholki function.

Cupid is at work. Noor realizes that Amaan is watching her. He starts to sketch her. Being a bold girl, she confronts him. He is just as bold. He talks to her, admits that he was drawing her sketch, gives it to her and takes his leave by saying this line.

کافی رات ھو رہی ہے۔ میں بور ہو رہا ہو ں۔ ملتے ہیں۔

Who talks like this with a stranger?

There is some mystery about Noor-ul-Ain. She wonders about Amaan. His sketch shows her in short hair and it also has a small scar near her upper lip that she hides with makeup. Bua ji asks her if she’s scared.

جب آغا جان گھر پر ہوتے ہیں، تب مجھے ڈر نہیں لگتا۔

Aina still keeps thinking about the stranger.

The next day, she shares with her friend that she feels someone is following her. At dinner, Aina casually tells about a new guy Sarfaraz Chaudhary who’s too friendly with her and other girls. In next scene, he is being beaten black and blue in a parking lot.

We also see him flip out just because she sneezes 2-3 times. So, we know that Agha Jaan is extremely protective of her. Or, does he love her?

Asiya and her family is invited for dinner at Amaan’s place. We know that Agha met Amaan in Spain. Amaan visited Pakistan and decides to start a business here as well. And now, Amaanullah Khan’s A K Oil Refinery has taken over Agha Oil Refinery.

There is a pre-placement talk where Amaan announces that he will sponsor scholarship to UK and Australia for deserving candidates. There is a subtle message that people should study and work in Pakistan.

Parting Thoughts

This episode has some much information that I am still processing it. It feels different to see Sajal in modern avatar. I have always seen her in traditional avatar.

The visuals are breathtakingly beautiful. And the cast looks good.

It is not difficult to assume that Aina is the kid who escaped in that dark night and Amaan has some past ties with her. But what? And, why is scared at nights? These questions will make us wait for the next episode.

What’s your take on the first episode?

Shabana Mukhtar

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