October 2019 Roundup

I had expected that I’d be publishing one book in October and will be ready to publish another one in December. But things don’t always happen the way we plan. If it did, life would be so awesome, wouldn’t it?

This month was crazy and a record month in more ways than one. So, I thought I will post a detailed round up this time.

My domain 🙂

I bought the domain in September and I spent a lot of effort refactoring and reorganizing my blog. It was like moving to a new apartment. Everything needs to be done from scratch and nothing is ever enough. Just like the new apartment, I am getting used to the new checklist of posting.

Posts published: 100

I published 100 posts in this month. It is not a coincidence. When I reached 87, I knew I had to make a record. I am crazy when it comes to numbers. This was +72 from last month.

Blog Views: 9400+

It has doubled since September. All thanks to Umera Ahmed. Alif is really popular, huh?

Words written: ~20K (-10K)

I’ve written, even though nothing is ready to be published.

Books published: 1

I published one book Mujhe Tum Pasand Ho (Hindi) this month. It is a short story and I really wanted to publish it in Urdu first. But, it is part of Pen to Publish 2019, and I have to keep it untranslated until the contest is over.

Books sold: 60 (-36)

Very disappointing.

Books Read: 7 (+2)

Books reviewed: 10

7 on this blog and others on Goodreads.

How was October for my readers?

Shabana Mukhtar

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